How to Size the Best Pool Pump for Your Home

To enjoy your home's swimming pool, you're going to need a quality pump. The pump pulls the pool water through the filter so that the filter can catch debris and contaminants that cannot be removed with chlorine and other chemicals. This keeps the water cleaner and can mean less vacuuming of the pool and less scrubbing of the sides. When you're ready to choose a pool pump for your home, note a few factors to consider so you know you get the right size or power. [Read More]

Stoned To Depth: Three Natural Stones Suitable For Your Inground Pool Deck

A well-built pool deck can provide a real air of class and luxury to even the most modest of inground pools, and they are made from a wide variety of materials ranging from rich hardwoods to durable plastic polymers. For a really distinctive and sophisticated deck, however, its hard to beat the monolithic splendour of natural stone.  However, not just any old rock will do for deck building. Choosing a good natural stone deck means choosing the right stone to make it from, and an ideal stone for deck making should be durable, weather-resistant and perhaps most importantly, non-slip. [Read More]

Tips To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe

A swimming pool is a great asset, but for you to enjoy using it, you should carry out good maintenance procedures on a regular basis. Various issues commonly cause most swimming pool accidents for both adults and children. Below is an outline of major dangers and tips on how to prevent them and keep your family safe. The Slimy Surfaces The swimming pool still water will eventually form a slimy substance on the tiles, walls, and stairs of the pool if not regulated. [Read More]

Types of Lighting For Your Swimming Pool

When you have a swimming pool installed in your backyard, you also need to decide on the lighting. This allows you to use the pool at night safely, while also illuminating your yard with light bouncing off the water. Here are some different types of lights to consider for your swimming pool. LED Lights  The first type of light that work great with swimming pools is the LED light. These are effective, eco-friendly lights that can be placed underwater without any issues. [Read More]