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Expert Cleaning Tips for Residential Pool Owners

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard opens up many recreational activities, including weekend parties, a rejuvenated fitness regimen, or simply lounging by the poolside. Sadly, most pool owners do not like to clean their pools regularly since they consider it tiresome. However, without a proper cleaning routine, a pool slowly chokes from algae buildup, blocked filters, and smelly water. Fortunately, pool cleaning can be managed with the right approach. Read on for pro tips regarding pool cleaning.

Skim Debris Daily

Dealing with floating debris, such as bugs, leaves, and twigs is perhaps the most annoying part of owning a residential swimming pool. After a couple of hours, litter absorbs water and sinks to the bottom of a pool, making it difficult to remove. Over time, the debris at the bottom of a pool will decompose and become a source of nutrients for algae. This will deplete the pool of chlorine. The best strategy is to skim a pool whenever you see any debris floating on the surface. Use a skimmer with a telescopic handle since it is suitable for pools of different sizes. Not only does skimming a pool regularly keep it clean, but it also maintains optimal chlorine levels.  

Use Tennis Balls to Pool Oil

This is a longstanding pool-cleaning trick that even professional cleaners use to remove oils from pool water. When guests get into a pool, oils from their hair and skin remain on the water, giving the pool a glossy and slimy appearance. Notably, throwing a couple of tennis balls inside a pool allows their fluffy surfaces to absorb the oils readily. However, only use newer tennis balls instead of older ones with worn-out surfaces. Also, avoid tennis balls that your pets use as toys. Once the balls are in the water, leave them for a couple of hours and return to oil-free pool water. The best part is that this pool-cleaning trick is cheap and effortless.

Remove Metal Stains with Lemon Slices

If your pool has metal handrails, water stains can be a real problem to remove, especially on polished stainless steel. Fortunately, you don't have to worry since lemon fruit effectively eliminates annoying stains on a pool's metallic handrails. All you have to do is rub a slice of lemon on rail bars, let the lemon settle for some time, then clean it off with a damp cloth. The natural acid in lemon breaks down stains, making them easier to wash off.