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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Infinity Pools

Infinity or vanishing-edge pools have become commonplace in residential and commercial establishments. The swimming pool design offers the illusion of water going over the edge of a pool into another water body. However, designing and building an infinity pool requires a clear understanding of hydraulics, correct engineering calculations, and high craft standards. Besides, making errors during an infinity pool's construction phase can be costly and difficult to remedy. Therefore, you should find pool contractors who are experienced in constructing infinity pools. Read on for mistakes to avoid during the construction of infinity pools. 

Waterproofing Dam Wall

When building an infinity pool, you need to construct a weir or dam wall to retain water. The wall's inside is often submerged in water, while the exterior part is exposed to the sun. Without waterproofing both sides of the wall, water is pulled from the wet interior wall to the dry side, leading to many problems, such as degradation of structural steel, tile delamination, and efflorescence. Therefore, the vanishing edge wall should be waterproofed on both sides to prevent water intrusion into the concrete. Remember to choose waterproofing products that are suitable for wet surfaces and dry surfaces. 

Avoid Bad Forming

Infinity pools require very little room for error in terms of dimensions and levels. The vanishing edge wall of the pool should be levelled precisely to create the much-needed vanishing edge effect. Therefore, forming is vital, mainly when the edge wall is radiused as opposed to straight. One major mistake that often occurs when constructing the edge wall is forming up against steel, making it impossible for proper concrete coverage. Another mistake to avoid is constructing forms that are not tough enough to remain steady during the shotcrete application process. Therefore, bad forming can affect the vanishing-edge wall, affecting an infinity pool's aesthetics and functionality.   

Improper Installation of the Levelling System

A water levelling system useful in an infinity pool because it allows water to fill and level the pool automatically as desired. However, most contractors fail to install the auto-levelling device correctly when designing an infinity pool. Ideally, the gadget should be installed at a pool's catch basin, where you can tell if you require more water. Improper installation can invite many problems, such as overflowing or inadequate filling of an infinity pool. A sound levelling system should enable you to set high and low points in a pool using sensors. 

To learn more and begin the process, contact local infinity pool builders.