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5 Tips for Natural Spa Cleaning

Your spa is a great place to relax and even entertain guests, but you need this area to stay clean. Wondering about natural options for spa cleaning? To avoid harsh chemicals, take a look at these tips.

1. Try White Vinegar

White vinegar tends to be less expensive than most dedicated cleaning products, and it's just as effective. Additionally, you know that you're only getting white vinegar. You don't have to worry about other fragrances, additives or chemicals. Essentially, white vinegar changes particles in a way that helps to remove stains, and it can be especially useful if you want to remove the scum lines in your spa. Additionally, you can also take out your filters and soak them in vinegar to get them extra clean.

2. Mix in Soda Bicarbonate

For stubborn stains on the sides of your hot tub, mix some baking soda in with your vinegar. Or, make a paste with soda bicarbonate and water. Then, spread that on the body oils or other scum stuck to the sides of your spa and let it sit for several minutes to activate. Finally, spray some vinegar directly on top of the soda bicarbonate and start scrubbing.

3. Use Soft Sponges and Cloths

Whilst choosing cleaning supplies for your spa, try to make sure that you choose gentle options. For instance, you should opt for soft rags and sponges, rather than metal scrubbing pads. This is especially important if you have a traditional spa with vinyl sides, as they can become damaged from overly abrasive cleaning products or steel wool. That said, if you have a custom-built spa with tiles or cement sides, you may not have to worry as much about this rule.

4. Substitute Olive Oil for Detergents

You want to avoid oils in the spa because that can cause the surfaces to become dangerously slippery. However, you may want to use olive oil as a detergent on the cover of your spa. When some people think of spa cleaning, they only think about the inside of the spa, but the cover can also get full of leaves, dirt, tree sap and other elements. Detergent can help to remove things like tree sap, but if you're looking for a more natural alternative, you may want to try scrubbing the cover with olive oil instead.

5. Contact a Spa Cleaning Professional

For a thorough clean or for replacement spa parts, contact a spa cleaning professional. If you want them to use natural products, just let them know, and they can tell you more about their process.