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How to Protect Your Pool During Winter

Although you won't make much use of your swimming pool during the winter months, this doesn't mean you can ignore it. If you want to enjoy your pool next summer, it is vital that your carry out some basic winter pool maintenance. Below is a brief guide to winter swimming pool maintenance.

Use a pool cover

A pool cover will help to protect your swimming pool from wild animals, from debris such as dirt and leaves and from snow. You should ensure that the pool cover is securely fixed over the pool. Periodically, you should use a hose to wash down the cover to remove twigs and leaves. If it snows, you should use a rake to carefully push the snow off the surface of the pool cover. If you do not perform these actions, the pool cover could begin to stretch, eventually sinking into the water.

Inspect the pump and filter

Before you close your pool down for the winter, you should inspect the pump and filter to make sure they are in good working order, flushing out excess water from the pipes of the pump. If you do not flush water from the pipes, there is a risk it will freeze during the colder months causing the pipes to crack.

Balance the water

If you want the water in your pool to be in a healthy state when you remove the pool cover in spring, you will need to ensure you have the right balance of chemicals in the water.

First, you should use an enzyme product to break down any non-organic contaminants in the pool water and to help prevent unsightly waterlines forming around the edge of your pool. You should also check the pH of the pool water. If the pH levels are high, you should add a small amount of muriatic acid to the pool water. If the water in your pool is out of balance, this can result in the formation of algae and bacteria during the winter months which will require you to change the water before you can use the pool the following summer.

By carrying out these tips, you can ensure that your pool is protected from the elements this winter and is ready to use when the warmer seasons arrive again. If you have any questions about how best to protect your pool over winter, you should contact a professional pool maintenance company, like Cygnet Pool Supplies & Service Pty Ltd, for help.