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Types of Lighting For Your Swimming Pool

When you have a swimming pool installed in your backyard, you also need to decide on the lighting. This allows you to use the pool at night safely, while also illuminating your yard with light bouncing off the water. Here are some different types of lights to consider for your swimming pool.

LED Lights 

The first type of light that work great with swimming pools is the LED light. These are effective, eco-friendly lights that can be placed underwater without any issues. While you will find different styles of LED lights, a flush-mounted light is idea. This will be flush with the inner walls of the swimming pool, so that they don't poke out when you're swimming close to the edge of the pool. You will want to have them installed by a professional, preferably while the pool is being built. However, a contractor can also install them after the pool has been built, but before adding in water. There are also other LED lights to be added to an existing pool.

Halogen Lights

A more traditional lighting option for swimming pools is to use halogen lights. The great thing about these is that they can be used in just about any type of swimming pool, from having them installed while getting an in-ground pool built, to getting them in your above-ground pool. While they are very effective at lighting up your pool for nighttime swimming and a beautiful glow off the water, they aren't quite as energy-efficient as some of the other lighting options. You also won't have other colours available like with LED lights.

Fibre Optic Lights

Another beautiful lighting option for your pool is the fibre optic light. While these are also not as energy-efficient as LED lights, they come in many different colours. You can choose them all in one colour, or go the multi-coloured route for an interesting effect. They can be installed underwater, around the pool deck, or even inside the waterfall feature or the hot tub. Fibre optic lights don't last quite as long as halogen and LED lights, so that is something else to keep in mind. However, since they can be installed anywhere, they work great for existing pools in need of better lighting.

Consult a swimming pool specialist if you are curious about other lighting possibilities for your pool and deck area. They will not only inform you of the options but install the lights as well.